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Cookie Policy


Updated: June 2020

This cookie policy is issued by Bright Kingdom Development (BKD). BKD may also be referred to in this Privacy Policy as “we”, “our” or “us”. 

What is Cookie

A “cookie” is a small file that is saved on your computer or mobile device. Cookies help improve your user experience, and allow us to analyze BKD Services, manage our advertising, and help serve interest-based advertising related to BKD Services for adults and teens.

Our cookies help to give you faster access to pages you have already visited; they allow you to personalize your pages and us to customize our offerings; and they help you to participate in some activities or events through BKD Services.


We may use cookies, web beacons and other technology to analyze the effectiveness of BKD Services and advertisement. 


BKD may work with third-party online or mobile network advertisers that use cookies, pixels, transparent GIF files, or other non-cookie technology to help us manage advertising at our Sites and measure its effectiveness.

Your Rights

You can set your computer to notify you each time that a cookie is being sent or turn off all cookies through your Internet browser (for example, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera). Check your browser’s Help menu or your built-in mobile device settings to find out how. Please keep in mind that your web browser may not permit you to block the use of non-cookie technologies, and browser settings that block cookies may have no effect on non-cookie technologies. If you turn off all cookies, some features of the Website may not function.


Cookies don’t allow us to access any personal information about you. We only collate the data into anonymous results in order to evaluate and improve our internet user ability and services.

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